Lov Grover

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Lov Grover
Alma materIndian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Stanford University
Known forGrover's algorithm
Scientific career
InstitutionsBell Labs
Cornell University
ThesisNew concepts in free electron lasers (1985)

Lov Kumar Grover (born 1961) is an Indian-American computer scientist. He is the originator of the Grover database search algorithm used in quantum computing.[1] Grover's 1996 algorithm won renown as the second major algorithm proposed for quantum computing (after Shor's 1994 algorithm),[2][3] and in 2017 was finally implemented in a scalable physical quantum system.[4] Grover's algorithm has been the subject of numerous popular science articles.[5][6]

Grover received his bachelor's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1981[7] and his PhD in Electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1985.[8][9] In 1984, he went to Bell Laboratories. He worked as a visiting professor at Cornell University from 1987 to 1994.[7] He retired in 2008 becoming an independent researcher.[10]



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